New Website!!

Hi everbody!

If you are reading this it means that you have taken the time to come over here and look at my new website which I am so excited about.

For all of you who don't know much about me I thought I would write a little bit of an introduction to me and this blog.  I have had a blog on a different site for a couple of months now but from now on will be using this site for all of my ramblings.

So....who is Ink and Honey?? My name is Sarah and I am a wife and mum to 3 incredible little girls names Poppy, Teddy and Marlow.  We live in Cornwall with our very naughty cockapoo named Wolfie.  Ink and Honey started out in May 2016 as an instagram feed that allowed me to share my love of drawing and lettering.  It quickly grew and I found myself creating lots of custom illustrations and commissions for lovely people.  In October I chanced upon the idea of painting little faces on baubles and before I knew it I was overwhelmed with orders.  It really was unbelievable how positively people responded to them and I spent the last few months of 2016 painting and packaging up little baubles that travelled to their new homes all over the world.

I feel incredibly lucky to have found something that not only I love to do but which you lovely people seem to like too!  To meet the growing demand I have set out to create my own website...I have absolutely no experience in this so please bear with me if there are lots of little kinks I need to work out along the way.  Most importantly I hope this will be a place where you can all get to see the things that I create and be able to place orders in a convenient and pain free way but I am also excited to start this blog up again!  I love to share all the little things i find that we enjoy as a family whether that be a beautiful book or a great movie, an amazing holiday experience or a really cool shop or small business I would love for you to check out.

In short this is a place for me to show you things that my little family is enjoying and share that with this little community.

Thank you so so much if you have ordered already or are just visiting out of curiosity and please share your own discoveries with me too!

Love Sarah x