Not enough Time

Thank you so much to everyone who tried to make an order this evening.  

I am so sorry if you had difficulties and your order was not able to be completed.  My website platform will process the orders on a  'first completed' basis.  I know this can be incredibly frustrating if you have been waiting and your payment does not clear first.  I can only apologise to everybody that had orders in their cart that did not complete.  After lots of consideration I am not able to run a wait list and so the fairest way to offer the bauble is through the website and the process that Shopify operate.

I wish I had so many more hours in a day to not only reply to all of your messages and emails, but also to paint 10 x more bauble every day.  Please do not think I have not read your message, I read each one however, I hope you understand that the only fair system to operate is that one I am using at the moment, and that by making small exceptions here and there that would be equally unfair.

I do hope you will keep trying if you are hoping for an order.  I plan to take orders all year round, and do as many as life with my small people allows.


Thank you as always, 

Sarah x